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EcoCare® Feeds: affordable grower-finisher feeding

EcoCare® Feed is the first dedicated and affordable grower-finisher feeding program addressing overall nutrient utilization, manure management and odor emissions while optimizing pig performance

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UltraCare® Pig Starter Feed: optimal gain and vitality

A flexible, nutritionally-sound program providing superior intake, optimal gain and supporting immunocompetence from the farrowing crate to 50 lb. in body weight.

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UltraCare® Gel for starters and more

Not just for starter pigs anymore! UltraCare® Gel has shown in several sow units it can get animals on feed sooner and optimize dry feed intake during lactation.

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Comprehensive swine financing

We understand feed costs, futures markets, feed expenses and production costs. Let our knowledge and competitive financing products help you best manage your swine operation. Land O'Lakes Finance Company has designed and implemented programs that support all types and sizes of swine production.