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Precision-formulated for the breeding herd, Land O’Lakes Feeds optimize your sows’ average daily feed intake, litter size, and litter weaning weights. The UltraCare® Feed program is flexible to offer a wide choice of feed forms and programs.

Innovation and value are built in; UltraCare® feeds are designed to maximize the return on investment potential from your breeding stock. The nutrient balance provided by UltraCare® feeds supports lower breeding herd replacement costs by optimizing herd longevity through nutrition.

Not only are the major nutrients finely balanced to ensure peak performance, but additional key nutrients are included to support reproductive efficiency including chromium, choline, folic acid, pyridoxine, organic zinc, organic selenium, organic copper, saponins, biotin and higher lactation energy.

Optimizing pigs per sow lifetime

There are many benchmarks used to evaluate pork production performance. Today, Land O’Lakes Feed is focusing on pigs weaned/sow lifetime. Optimizing the number of pigs weaned/sow lifetime reflects the long-term care given to the sow. With many herds exceeding 50% replacement/year and 8-10% sow mortality, the effects of long-term sow care have to be considered.

UltraCare® Sow feeds

The UltraCare® Sow Feeds are designed for all reproductive stages.  UltraCare® sow feeds use the latest research and feeding technologies to meet the demands of your production sows.  Better sow condition, sow longevity, higher milk production and more pigs that are heavier and healthier at weaning are the delivery goals of the UltraCare® feed program.  The UltraCare® Sow Feeds are flexible enough to meet the needs of herds regardless of genetics source.

What makes UltraCare® feed the latest in nutritional care? Here are some of the components:

Chromium Aimed to affect pigs born live and weaned
Saponin-derived compounds Aimed to affect stillborns and less ammonia
Organic Selenium To support longevity and pig survivability
Organic Copper To support fertility and longevity
Organic Zinc To promote sow foot and skin integrity and enhance sow longevity
Higher Energy To preserve sow body condition promoting timely breed-backs.
More energy rich milk to support pig survivability.

Exceptional feed technologies are also available from
Land O'Lakes Feed:

PUSH® sow feed

A unique combination of nutritional technologies that when fed to sows pre-farrow through weaning, optimizes the number of pigs weaned and has the potential to result in heavier pigs at weaning.  What's more, sows maintain their body condition and rebreeding efficiency. The combination of these benefits may increase total litter weaning weight and therefore, allows for more income potential per sow.

NEWtraStart™ feed

A proprietary combination of natural plant-based feed ingredients that may enhance performance, support intestinal wellness and feed intake when fed during gestation, lactation or both. Trials* have shown potential increased sow feed intake, weaning weights, and numbers of pigs per litter.  NEWtraStart™ Feed is different from other plant products because it uses a specialized tested combination of mucilages, essential oils and flavonoids to optimize sow performance.
NEWtraStart™ information sheet

* LongView Animal Nutrition Center, MO, USA (3 Trial Summary); Commercial Sow Trial in KS, USA
Ref: TBVol4; Trial conducted at Dankook University, Korea; Commercial Nursery Trial in USA, Ref: TBVol9; Commercial Nursery Trial in USA, Ref: LOL Trial No. FT 110N08; Weighted average of eight 35-day trials conducted at LongView Animal Nutrition Center in MO, USA; LongView Animal Nutrition Center in MO, USA, Ref: TBVol2; Commercial Nursery Trial in IA, USA, Ref: TBVol7.

True Appetizer® Feed

This novel product is engineered to optimize lactation feed intake; trials have shown a significant increase in feed consumption during lactation, particularly in hot weather. (Black et al. 1993 Livest. Prod. Sci. 35:153) Dips in feed intake may be associated with longer weaning-to-estrus intervals, reduced farrowing rates and smaller subsequent litter size. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed research data from five trials shows that True Appetizer™ is able to significantly affect feed intake and optimize litter weight gain.(LongView Animal Nutrition Center. 5 groups / 50-51 sows/trt; BS-148, BS-151-grp1, & BS-152-grp1 - 3/hot.)
True Appetizer® information sheet

Gentle Lax® Pak Laxative

It is well known that a sow that is constipated has difficulty in having her pigs and this may result in an increase in still-borns. Typical laxatives used today like magnesium oxide tend to harden up the gut and thus increasing quantities that are needed for effect. Gentle Lax® Pak laxative contains a tested blend of hydrated mineral (designed for immediate action) and soluble fiber (designed for longer-term action), and is engineered to be palatable with a gentle, natural softening action.
Gentle Lax® information sheet

EcoCare® Feed

The first dedicated complete feed program addressing manure management, odor emissions and overall nutrient utilization while optimizing sow performance. EcoCare® feed (link to  is a portfolio of nutrient formulation, appropriate ingredients and feed additives aimed to maximize performance and minimize waste in breeding herds.
EcoCare® Feeds sell sheet               

UltraCare® Gel

Not just for starter pigs anymore! An innovative and effective way to stimulate lactation feed intake in gilts and sows.  When UltraCare® Gel is offered in early lactation, sows may have less off-feed days, better appetite and total lactation feed intake (field data, 2008).
Sow Gel Sell sheet.

For further information on UltraCare® Feed or any of the Land O’Lakes Feed sow technologies, contact your swine feed representative or swine nutritionist at your local Land O'Lakes Co-op.