Complete agricultural analysis service

In today's competitive market, producers can't afford to make decisions without complete and accurate information. That's why so many producers consult SURE-TECH Laboratories, a Land O'Lakes division offering a full range of agricultural testing services.

SURE-TECH provides timely, cost-effective and reliable analysis of feed ingredients, feeds and forages as well as soil, manure, water, plant tissues and SCN. Experienced staff also supply interpretation and technical support. Available tests include:

  • Forage analysis
  • Feed & ingredient analysis
  • Mineral tests
  • Mycotoxins
  • Individual assays
  • Soil testing
  • Plant food and raw materials testing
  • Plant analysis
  • SCN (egg and larvae count)
  • Water analysis
  • Manure analysis

Ample reports and fees brochures are available by mail, email, downloads or FAX from Sure Tech Labs.

SURE-TECH Laboratories
Building 9
2435 Kentucky Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46221
Phone: 317-243-1502
Fax: 317-243-1527
Soil: 800-206-4477
Feed: 800-266-7176