Feeding Programs

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At Purina all of our feed is research-proven, high quality and uses innovative technologies to create swine feeding product lines and programs that meet the needs of pork producers.

EcoCare® Feeds 

Finally, an ecologically-friendly feeding program for your swine. EcoCare ® Feed is developed with the concerns that today’s pork producers have in mind. Besides providing optimal pig nutrition, EcoCare ® feed works with you to sustain environmental conditions on, and around the farm. EcoCare feed combines the essential nutrition required for optimal growth and pig performance with formulation and proven technologies to minimize waste.

Is EcoCare® Feed For Your Farm?

If your priorities include any of the following, you may want to consider learning more or speaking to a Purina Feed representative about:

  • Simplify your manure handling needs
  • Reducing odors in your barns / healthier environment for pigs, family and neighbors
  • Maximizing nutrient use and enhancing pig production
  • Sustainable pork production

What EcoCare® Feed Does »

Feeding for 30™ Program

Are your pigs reaching their full potential? The Feeding for 30™ program is a Sow Nutrition and Management Program. The industry goal of 30 pigs per sow per year is much more than selecting genetics. Maternal nutrition is important in creating and supporting large litters. The Feeding for 30™ program is an industry resource for you regarding nutrition and feed management insights to achieve this goal. More »

Healthy EDGE® Technology for Sows

Healthy EDGE® Technology for Sows is technology that helps producers move closer to the industry goal of 30 pigs per sow per year. Healthy EDGE® Technology can deliver up to 1.7 extra Full Potential pigs per sow per year. More »

Comprehensive Swine Financing

Feed costs, futures markets, feed expenses and production costs are certainly top of mind for producers. Let our knowledge and competitive financing products help you manage your swine operation more efficiently. The Land O'Lakes Finance Company has designed and implemented programs that support all types and sizes of swine production. More »

UltraCare® Pig Starter Feed: Optimal Gain and Vitality

This flexible, nutritionally-sound program provides superior intake, optimal gain and supports immunocompetence from the farrowing crate to 65 pounds in body weight. More »

UltraCare® Gel for Starters and More

This gel is not only used to help starter pigs with hydration and getting them off to a fast start, it can also be beneficial for sows. UltraCare® Gel has demonstrated that when fed to sows in several units it can help get sows back-on feed sooner and optimize dry feed intake during lactation. More »