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Industry Innovation Leads the Way to Optimal Swine Production

When swine producers rely on Purina feed programs, backed by industry leading experts and consulting services, they get a tailored pig feeding program that maximizes the value of the feed they purchase.

Research-proven, high quality feeds and innovative technologies are the heart of our swine feeding product line and swine producers rely on Purina’s expertise and long tradition in delivering precise nutrition and premium feeding programs, such as EcoCare ® feeds.

Featured Feed Program

The EcoCare ® Feeding program ensures optimum levels of key nutritional compounds and constant delivery of added technologies, across all phases of grow/finish production and sow rations. EcoCare ® Feed support optimal weight gain and delivers manure technologies that can help reduce ammonia/odors and manure solids.
The EcoCare ® Feeding program offers flexible options to produce complete feeds. The EcoCare ® portfolio includes multiple choices of premixes, in combination with complementary technologies delivered with a constant inclusion of an added pack.
The implementation of the EcoCare ® feeding program may assist pork producers, and feed manufacturing locations as they strive for sustainable agriculture, and to demonstrate to consumers the pork-industry’s commitment to preserving the environment.
The result is evident; EcoCare ® feed provides the potential for a healthy, better environment for your pigs, farm family, employees and community.
This program is supported by strong research and proven results from controlled studies at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Land Grant Universities and demonstrations at commercial pork production facilities.

What EcoCare® Feeds Means for You
  • Optimal pig performance
  • Improved manure handling capabilities
  • Reduced odor and other gaseous emissions
  • Healthier working environment
  • Sustainable pork production

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EcoCare® Products

The EcoCare® Feed portfolio offers multiple choices of products designed for operations emphasizing environmental stewardship.

Learn More About EcoCare® Products

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EcoCare® Technical Resources

As a resource for you, read a number of technical pieces based on controlled studies, field demonstrations of product benefits or field case studies.

EcoCare® Technical Resources

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EcoCare® Videos

Pork producers share their experience about pig performance, odor emission, manure handling and community wellbeing benefits when using EcoCare ® Feed.

EcoCare® Videos