Swine Performance

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It is important for your sows and grower-finisher pigs to be at their optimal performance. EcoCare® feeding program provides your pigs with precise nutrition and a steady feeding program that allows them to grow properly and to perform at their full potential. EcoCare® feeds helps to reduce the ammonia release that manure gives off, allowing for a much better air quality in the barn for your pigs.

Key Points

Optimum levels of key nutritional compounds to support optimal pig growth and constant delivery of odor reduction and manure handling technologies across all phases of grow/finish production.

Introducing EcoCare® 2 lb Cap Pak with Capsicum

EcoCare® 2 lb Cap Pak is a premium product designed for farms emphasizing environmental stewardship.

This Pak is used to create complete feeds to deliver technologies that help reduce ammonia emission, phosphorus excretion, manure solids and viscosity, as well as optimizing digestive enzyme secretion into the gut due to the addition of natural capsicum oleoresin. (Ref #18)

EcoCare® Feed Reduces Nutrient Excretion in Finishing Pigs

The effect of feeding EcoCare® Feed on nutrient excretion and growth was evaluated as part of a nutrient mass balance study conducted at Oklahoma State University’s Swine Education and Research Center (Walraven et al., 2008 and 2009). (Ref #16)

The Active Bacillus Ingredients in EcoCare™ Feed Retain Viability when Fed in Combination with Swine Medications

The following research confirms that the bacillus in EcoCare™ feed remains viable when fed in combination with sub-therapeutic (growth promoting) and therapeutic swine feed antibiotics. Two studies demonstrated their survival in pigs fed therapeutic and sub-therapeutic levels of feed antibiotics common to the swine industry. (Ref #11)

Effect of EcoCare™ feed on Grower/Finisher Swine Performance at LongView Animal Nutrition Center

The trial was conducted from January to May 2007 to evaluate the two dietary treatments (EcoCare™ feed & Control) in a six-phase feeding program. (Ref #9)

The Effect of EcoCare™ feed on Manure and Swine Performance Part 2 (November – March 2007)

Following the first trial at Fulda, Minnesota which ran from July - November, 2006, a second set of pigs were run from November 25th, 2006– March 30th, 2007. (Ref #8)

Helping Customers Take Action with the EcoCare™ Value Calculator

The EcoCare™ Value Calculator is a user-friendly, Excel-based tool designed to streamline the process of calculating the economic value of the EcoCare™ feed program in a specific farm situation. This bulletin will review the steps for successful use of the EcoCare™ Value Calculator in the sales process to help get your customers to take action. (Ref #7)

The Effect of EcoCare™ feed on Manure and Swine Performance

An EcoCare™ field trial was performed in Minnesota using 2 barns with approx 1000 head per room. (Ref #6)