Manure Nutrient Concentration & Handling

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Manure is a great source of fertilizer for sustainable farming. The EcoCare® feeding program has been designed to enhance manure handling and the ratio of crop-available nitrogen to crop-available phosphorus for manure land application.

It is hard to predict the specific changes in manure characteristics  and the magnitude of the change in each individual manure storage pit. Each pit will have a different story in regards to production system, diets fed, feeder adjustment, water management and manure removal. However, when our producer customers try EcoCare ® Feed, it is common to observe changes in manure solid concentration, nitrogen fractions, phosphorus concentration and viscosity.

Key Points

  • Better utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus from feed
  • The ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus in manure is closer to crops absorption patterns.
  • Reduced manure solids
  • Reduced viscosity/reduced stickiness
  • More uniform slurry
  • More manure could be applied per acre when phosphorus build up is a concern
  • Fewer acres required to spread manure when the soil phosphorus index is the limiter
  • May assist to comply with environmental regulation requirements

Effect of Feeding DDGS and EcoCare® Feed on Pig’s Water Usage and Manure Volume

During recent years, increased availability of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and rising corn prices have supported incremental usage of DDGS in swine diets. Therefore, the focus of our grower/finisher research during the past couple of years has been to better understand the impact of feeding diets containing DDGS on pig performance, manure characteristics, gaseous emissions, and how EcoCare® Feed could modify those effects. (Ref #20)

Effects of Feeding EcoCare® DDGS Diets on Manure

How can dietary changes affect manure composition? Dried Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is a cost-effective alternative source of energy, protein, and available phosphorus currently used in swine diets. (Ref #17)

EcoCare® Feed Reduces Nutrient Excretion in Finishing Pigs

The effect of feeding EcoCare® Feed on nutrient excretion and growth was evaluated as part of a nutrient mass balance study conducted at Oklahoma State University’s Swine Education and Research Center (Walraven et al., 2008 and 2009). (Ref #16)

Effects of Feeding EcoCare® Feed on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Mass Balance During the Entire Finishing Period

This technical bulletin is intended to summarize the effects of feeding EcoCare® Feed on nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) mass balance during an entire finishing period. The study was conducted at the Swine Education and Research Center at Oklahoma State University, and the results were presented at the 2009 American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meeting (Walraven et al., 2009). (Ref #15)

Manure testing and results interpretation

Our current manure analysis report includes values for manure moisture, solids, total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, organic nitrogen, phosphate (P2O5), and potash (K2O) concentrations plus manure viscosity. Manure moisture, solids, and nutrient concentrations are reported as a percentage (on an as-is basis) and in pounds per 1,000 gallons of manure. (Ref #13)

Manure flow in pull-plug barns and implications on clean up

To investigate the clean up improvement potential when using EcoCare™ feed, a four square inch manure mat was scraped from the fully slatted flooring of finishing pigs fed either EcoCare™ or no treatment (control) in the barns owned by Tom Reuter. (Ref #12)

Helping Customers Take Action with the EcoCare™ Value Calculator

The EcoCare™ Value Calculator is a user-friendly, Excel-based tool designed to streamline the process of calculating the economic value of the EcoCare™ feed program in a specific farm situation. This bulletin will review the steps for successful use of the EcoCare™ Value Calculator in the sales process to help get your customers to take action. (Ref #7)

Method for the Collection and Handling of Samples Using the EcoCare™ Monitoring Program

What is the EcoCare™ Monitoring Program? The EcoCare™ Monitoring Program is a field support tool used in combination with the EcoCare™ Feed program. Using a site assessment protocol and accurate manure nutrient analysis, this program provides useful information for the LOL nutrition specialist and swine producer relative to manure storage, handling and overall fertilizer value. (Ref #5)

Stretching the safety factor of phosphorus puts risk on the performance of G/F pigs.

There is constant pressure on pork producers to reduce the phosphorus in diets as much as possible to satisfy the manure spreading requirements. (Ref #3)

How far are we able to reduce the amount of phosphorus using the new EcoCare™ feed?

EcoCare™ Feeds ensures an optimum and constant level of phytase across production phases resulting in sufficient available phosphorus for optimal grower/finisher pig production. EcoCare™ not only addresses manure phosphorus level but also nitrogen levels retained, as well as handling properties, ensuring uniform distribution of nutrients in the manure and consequently on the land. Additionally EcoCare™ also contains active ingredients which address ammonia and odors in the air. All of these opportunities can be calculated on the EcoCare™ Value Calculator. (Ref #2)

Some people think that manure is an economical source of phosphorus. Better think again!

Soils in some locations require higher levels of phosphorus application due to soil type or previously high crop yields. Even in these situations, the savings resulting from using phytase in the swine operation more than cover the replacement cost of an equivalent amount of phosphorus provided by common fertilizers. (Ref #1)