Case Studies

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A critical piece of information supporting EcoCare® Feed benefits is producer’s satisfaction. Here you can find stories and experiences that producer’s have had with EcoCare® feed.

Manure Nutrient Composition of Foaming and Non-Foaming Deep-Pit Swine Manure Storage Systems – Case Study

The frequency of foaming reports on swine manure stored in deep-pit systems has grown over the past two years. Burns and Moody (2010) indicated that one step for foaming to occur is the reduction of manure surface tension. It implies a reduction in the resistance of the manure surface, consequently allowing bubbling or foaming to occur. They speculate that the reduction in surface tension may result from the activity of surfactant compounds such as oils, fats, volatile fatty acids and proteins (Burns and Moody, 2010). (Ref. #19)

Manure flow in pull-plug barns and implications on clean up

To investigate the clean up improvement potential when using EcoCare™ feed, a four square inch manure mat was scraped from the fully slatted flooring of finishing pigs fed either EcoCare™ or no treatment (control) in the barns owned by Tom Reuter. (Ref. #12)