Barn Cleaning

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The EcoCare® Feeding program enables quick, easy and more effective cleaning and disinfecting practices inside swine barns. Manure buildup in a facility can get in the way of the cleaning and disinfection tasks. It has been demonstrated a reduction in manure caking over the floor in production facilities housing EcoCare® fed pigs. The manure from EcoCare® fed pigs tends to have a faster dissolution time during soaking. Thus, cleanup will not just get easier, but the residual microbial population left over the flooring after cleaning the barn could be reduced. This creates for a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Key Points
  • Reduced facility wash time
  • More sanitary

EcoCare Feed Fed to Swine May Help to Optimize Clean-up of Grow-Finish Barns
Washing and disinfection of barns has become a routine management practice in-between pig batches in swine operations. It is well recognized that cleaning and disinfection can have a significant impact on a grow-finish unit's profitability potential. Proper cleaning practices could reduce the microbiological challenge for newly placed pigs. (Ref #21)
Manure flow in pull-plug barns and implications on clean up

To investigate the clean up improvement potential when using EcoCare™ feed, a four square inch manure mat was scraped from the fully slatted flooring of finishing pigs fed either EcoCare™ or no treatment (control) in the barns owned by Tom Reuter. (Ref #12)

The Active Bacillus Ingredients in EcoCare™ Feed Retain Viability when Fed in Combination with Swine Medications

Unlike some DFM’s (Direct-Fed Microbials), which do not work in the presence of feed medications, the bacillus product in EcoCare™ feed contains specifically selected strains of bacillus. They are spore formers and are resistant to antibiotics in the feed. Because the feed medications are absorbed by the animal or broken down, this bacillus remains unaffected in spore form. However, when the feces are excreted and fall into the pit, the bacillus spores begin germinating and start to work breaking down the manure. This benefit can be clearly seen when feeding EcoCare™ feed. (Ref #11)

EcoCare™ Feed Improves Clean Up in Swine Barns

A commercial study has shown that the microbial load can be reduced by 75% in barns where pigs are fed an EcoCare™ feed component. (Ref #10)

Helping Customers Take Action with the EcoCare™ Value Calculator

The EcoCare™ Value Calculator is a user-friendly, Excel-based tool designed to streamline the process of calculating the economic value of the EcoCare™ feed program in a specific farm situation. This bulletin will review the steps for successful use of the EcoCare™ Value Calculator in the sales process to help get your customers to take action. (Ref #7)