Swine Feed Designed with your Specific Operation in Mind

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The EcoCare® Feed portfolio offers multiple choices of products designed for operations emphasizing environmental stewardship. The EcoCare® Feed premixes, in combination with a constant inclusion of an added pack deliver complementary technologies to produce complete feeds with EcoCare® technologies.

The most recent addition to the EcoCare® Feed portfolio is EcoCare® 2 lb Cap Pak. This added pack delivers similar manure technologies like our traditional EcoCare® Pak, with a unique added value. It has been designed for manufacturing locations that can efficiently handle a reduced inclusion rate of 2 lb. per ton in complete feed. The EcoCare® 2 lb. Cap Pak represents another choice for swine producers and feed manufacturing operations.

The EcoCare® Product: Product Number:
EcoCare® 2 lb Cap Pak1000644
EcoCare® Pak1000564
EcoCare® DDGS Premix1380110
EcoCare® DDGS Premix w/Lysine1380114
EcoCare® Premix1380109
EcoCare® Premix w/Lysine1380113
EcoCare® Breeder DDGS Premix1400011
EcoCare® Breeder Premix1400006

For detailed information on our products contact your Land O’ Lakes Co-op or local Purina Representative.