EcoCare® Videos

EcoCare® Feeding Program Benefits

Pork producers from East Central Iowa share their experience about pig performance, odor emission, manure handling and community wellbeing benefits when using EcoCare® Feed in their grow-finish operations.

EcoCare® Feeding Program Benefits on Manure Handling – Pork Producer/Manure Applicator Testimonial

A Pork Producer and Custom Manure Applicator from East Central Iowa join our Swine Consultants to share his experience about manure handing with swine manure produced from pigs fed EcoCare® Feed.

EcoCare® Feeding Program Overall Benefits – Pork Producer Testimonial

A second generation Farmer and Pork Producer from Ohio shares his commitment to sustainable pork production and environmental preservation in addition to his personal experience about using EcoCare® Feeds.