Dairy feed from Land O'Lakes: More vitality to your animals and your business

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Land O'Lakes Feed is your strong partner in a wholesome, farmer-owned food production system. It's a partnership that gives you the power to compete. As a result, you will add more vitality to your animals, your business and, ultimately, to your community.

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Nutritional supplement for lactating and post-fresh dairy ration

Propel® Energy Nugget is a highly-palatable, high-energy fat product specially formulated to be used as a nutritional supplement for lactating and post-fresh dairy cows. Trials* demonstrate that cows prefer Propel® Energy Nugget 10:1 compared to prilled fat, and 17:1 compared to calcium salts of fatty acids. To produce this product Land O’Lakes Feed developed a proprietary Macro-Encapsulation™ Technology.

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* Trials conducted at LongView Animal Nutrition Center in 2007.


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AMPLI-Calf® feed line of products is a revolutionary breakthrough in calf feed!

When used as a key element in a well-managed calf nutritional program,  AMPLI-Calf® calf starters optimize efficiency and calf growth rates, thus contributing to increased profit potential. Calves gain more weight when fed AMPLI-Calf®Starters*. NEW: A long-awaited AMPLI-Calf® Grower feed for calves 12-14 weeks!

*Based on field trials and controlled research conducted at the Land O'Lakes Feed LLC Answer Farm facility between 2007-2009.

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Nutrition that decreases feed costs and increases milk income potential

MetaPro® Nutrition increases milk income potential by reducing the protein that gets wasted. MetaPro® Nutrition improves the accuracy of feeding metabolizable-protein, met-lysine and met-methionine to optimize performance while providing environmental benefits.

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A better energy balance for your cows

RALLY® Dairy Feed is a patented technology that promotes maximum utilization of carbohydrates for added energy. Rally your cows through transition, and calving. And keep the rally going throughout lactation. RALLY® Dairy Feed is designed to support transition, help maintain a better energy balance, and support milk production.

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