Offering balance for your cows and your operation

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Every farm and every group of dairy cattle can require different minerals and vitamins to balance their ration. Land O’Lakes Feed dairy premixes are designed to fit into whatever ration you feed and balance almost any diet.

Dairy Micro® Premix

Our densest premix is specifically formulated to provide a concentrated source of micros (trace minerals and vitamins). It's designed to be used in rations containing adequate levels of phosphorus and other major minerals.

Selen-E Pak w/Org SEL

A cost-effective way to add selenium and vitamin E for  reproduction and overall cow health. Each ounce contains 1 mg of selenium from a highly bio-available organic selenium source plus 100 units of vitamin E.

Dairy Niacin Pak

A cost-effective way to add niacin to pre-fresh and lactation rations.

Cattle Vita Pak

Designed to spike existing rations with vitamins A, D and E. Easy to use — just add 15 pounds per ton to your grain ration.

Cattle Stress Pak

Specifically designed to fortify rations with vitamins; highly available, complex trace minerals; and yeast culture during periods of stress.

To learn more about these products, contact your local co-op handling Land O’Lakes Feed products.