Customized feed delivered straight to your farm

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Every group of dairy cattle has different nutrition needs. That's the basis for Land O'Lakes Feed Personalized Dairy Feed.


By customizing each batch of feed to your specific needs, you get a ration matched to the stage and needs of your dairy cattle, and you have more time to spend on your core business — producing more milk.

The bottom line

Nutritionally balanced feed leads to superior productivity, which leads to increased financial benefits. Talk to your local dairy production specialist or consultant about how Personalized Dairy Feed can simplify your feeding system and save you money.

You're in control

Personalized Dairy Feed is easy to incorporate into your management system. Your dairy specialist or nutritionist will work with you to develop the right feed for your herd and feeding system. Then your special ration is custom-blended and delivered straight to your farm. It's simple. It's economical. And it makes sense.