NutriSave® Forage Management System guards nutrients in home-grown forage

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The Land O’Lakes Feed NutriSave® Forage Management System offers a complete management program that aims to maximize the nutritional value of the forages you grow. The NutriSave®  Forage Management System uses the latest fermentation, preservation and bunk-life technology to provide the high forage quality and consistency you need to give your animals their best opportunity to perform. Proper forage management during harvest, storage and feeding help preserve optimal nutrient levels, from harvest to consumption. The key to good forage management is controlling the microbial population in the forage. It prevents the growth of mold, yeast and aerobic bacteria. It promotes lactic acid bacteria growth.

NutriSave®  Forage Management System Tips

Select any of the following crop or forage applications, and the link will take you to management tips and product recommendations to help maximize the nutritional value of the forages you grow.

Alfalfa Haylage
Corn Silage
High-Moisture Ensiled Ground Corn
High-Moisture Baled Hay (up to 25%)
Bunker or Upright Silo Storage
Total Mixed Rations (TMR)
On-Farm Ground Grain Mixes
Manage Silage, Haylage and TMR Management
Managing for High Quality Hay
Silage SAVOR brand Plus Liquid Preservative
Silage SAVOR brand Dry Flowable Preservative
Silage SAVOR brand Dry Preservative