Manage silage, haylage and TMR for maximum payback

Maximizing the value of the silage you produce can significantly affect the performance of your operation. High-quality silage and haylage help maintain productivity and protect the profit potential of your dairy, livestock and crop enterprises. NutriSave® NS brand microbial inoculant products for alfalfa and corn silage are designed to improve and maintain forage quality. NS-A and NS-5 have been proven to enhance silage stability for maximum nutritional value during storage. Kemin® Silage SAVOR® brand preservatives prevents nutrient loss and improves silage and haylage quality by reducing pH to optimize fermentation. More information on these products is below. 

Checklist for Effective Silage and TMR Management
  • Make sure the silo structure is in good condition, free from cracks, holes and poorly fitting doors. Make sure bunker silos have a good base.
  • Harvest crops at recommended maturity and moisture content.
  • Chop forage at the optimum length.
  • Use a bacterial silage inoculant for more efficient fermentation. Apply at recommended rates using a well-calibrated applicator.
  • Fill silo as quickly as possible, distribute forage evenly, then level and pack silage well.
  • Cover and securely seal silo.
  • During daily feedout, remove recommended amount of silage from the unloading face and keep bunker face even.
  • Clean feed bunks regularly.
  • Manage TMR to prevent heating between feedings.

Preserve alfalfa haylage with NutriSave® NS-A

Yeasts are the major cause of aerobic deterioration, which destroys nutrients and reduces dry matter in haylage. Inoculating alfalfa silage with NutriSave® NS-A brand microbial inoculant is designed to increase haylage stability and reduce spoilage caused by yeast growth.

  • Excellent source and level of selected strains of Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus for rapid fermentation under variable conditions.
  • The bacteria strains in NS-A grow faster and produce more lactic acid than other inoculants. A quality assurance process ensures that live bacteria start producing lactic acid immediately.
  • Lactic acid reduces forage pH quickly, stopping respiration and resulting nutrient loss.
  • Bacteria strains in NS-A can potentially stop three of the five major spoilage-causing organisms. 
Potential benefits of using NS-A in alfalfa haylage
  • Rapid pH reduction for fast preservation
  • Increased protein retention
  • Greater dry matter recovery
  • Reduced heating
  • Longer bunk life

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Preserve corn silage with NutriSave® NS-5

Greater dry matter (DM) recovery means more silage is available at feedout for a greater return potential on your forage investment. Preserving corn silage with NutriSave® NS-5 brand microbial inoculant is designed to protect nutrient levels and dry matter recovery in corn silage. It adds up to more effective feeding programs. NS-5, with selected strains of Lactobacillus plantarum PA-28 and K-270, was developed after extensive validation research in laboratory, university and field trials. Those trials show NS-5 produces 5% greater dry matter recovery than other inoculants.

Potential benefits of using NS-5 in corn silage
  • Increased nutrient availability
  • Greater dry matter recovery
  • Longer bunk life due to lower forage temperature
  • Less spoilage and reduced waste
  • Better palatability for increased dry matter intake
Optimize fermentation with Kemin® Silage SAVOR® brand preservatives

Silage SAVOR® is designed to prevent nutrient loss and improve silage and haylage quality by reducing pH to optimize fermentation. Silage SAVOR® uses a blend of organic acids and antioxidants to inhibit the growth of molds and detrimental bacteria. By controlling fermentation and reducing heating, Silage SAVOR® helps to minimize nutrient loss and prevent costly spoilage in both silage and haylage.

High-moisture ensiled ground corn

Good fermentation is essential to producing high-quality ensiled grain. NutriSave® NS-5 Brand microbial inoculant is designed to improve the storage characteristics and feeding value of ensiled ground corn by initiating rapid fermentation under a variety of conditions (click the underlined link to download a product information sheet). Kemin® Silage SAVOR® brand preservatives uses a blend of organic acids to inhibit the growth of detrimental bacteria during fermentation.

Bunker or upright silo storage

Maintaining high-quality, mold-free TMR is critical to ensure the consistent dry matter intake essential for milk or meat production. Kemin® TMR SAVOR® brand Dry mold inhibitor/antioxidant and Kemin® Myco CURB® brand mold inhibitor provide broad-spectrum mold protection aimed to reduce heating and maintain nutrient value, reduce oxidation within the TMR, and extend TMR bunk life.

On-farm ground grain mixes

Mold can reduce feed palatability and limit the amino acid content and energy value of mixed grains. Kemin® Myco CURB® brand mold inhibitor helps stop mold growth in mixed grains, which aimed to prevents grain bridging and caking, reduces heating, preserves nutritional value and reduces the incidence of feed refusal due to mold-induced palatability problems

To learn more about how these forage management products can affect your operation, contact your local co-op handling Land O’Lakes Feed products.