One of the premier animal nutrition research and development facilities

Located on 1,188 acres in Gray Summit, Missouri, LongView is one of the premier animal nutrition research and development facilities in North America. The LongView commitment is to provide products, program technologies, services and information that will deliver value and the best total solution for Land O’Lakes Feed customers. Research at LongView has resulted in more than 100 patents worldwide and multiple new products, programs and line extensions every year.

The staff of dedicated professionals develop new ideas for a broad range of animals, from farm and ranch livestock to companion, exotic and specialty animals. The Gray Summit research and nutrition facility includes an on-site feed production mill and the latest in computer-aided research, leading to rapid turnover of data and discovery of new products and processes for the creation and delivery of innovative feeds.

LongView research involves a four-stage process:  ideation, basic research, applied research and field trials, which can involve various life stages of many species of animals. Our capabilities in dairy, cattle and swine feed innovation are as follows:

Dairy research at LongView

LongView maintains a herd of about 600 Holstein cows, heifer and calves. The rolling herd average is over 28,000 per cow per year and 270 to 300 cows are milked three times per day. The continued commitment to the dairy industry is reflected in recent investments in a new dairy research facility, which houses a Double-Five Auto-Flow parlor with 304 head-to-head free stalls. The free stalls can be separated into small groups and 30% of the stalls have individual electronic head gates to monitor individual dry matter intake. The LAMU (Large Animal Metabolism Unit) is the starting point where dairy concepts are developed; this unit allows for the measurement of nutrient intake, digestion, intestinal flow, as well as fecal, urine and milk outputs required to determine exact nutrient utilization. In addition to the replacement heifer nursery units in LongView, a special facility for calf milk replacer research is run at Fort Dodge, IA. Here some of the most exciting new technologies in calf nutrition have come to the market, such as products and proprietary technologies that perform as well as or better than mother’s milk and allowing calves to grow bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. The LongView Dairy research group drives towards innovation in calf milk replacers, calf and heifer feeds, transition feeding programs, as well as dairy cow performance and metabolism. Innovations include:

  • First to introduce animal milk replacer technology in 1951; today, the Cow’s Match® milk replacer calf growth formula is the world leader in milk replacer nutrition.
  • Proprietary products such as Rally® and Propel® feeds are helping boost additional milk production across the dairy industry.

Each year, Longview Animal Nutrition Center plays host to thousands of visitors, ranging from customers and distinguished academics to 4-H Clubs, to demonstrate the process of bringing innovation to the feed industry. And LongView will continue to bring new products to the market as long as there are new ideas, new challenges and new questions to answer. LongView Animal Nutrition Center represents the continued commitment by Land O’Lakes Feed to help customers grow bigger, stronger, more vigorous and productive animals and sustainable livestock businesses.