Unleash the potential of your heifers

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Calves are the future of your herd, so you’ll want to plan on feeding your calves right.

  • Feed Calves at a higher plane of nutrition to reach calf-raising goals sooner
  • Milk is critical to survival and long-term health and growth
  • Calf Starter should complement the milk replacer
  • Your calf nutrition plan influences the productive life of each animal

Rely on these calf-starter technologies from
Land O’Lakes Feed:

Milk replacer technology

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Architect® Formulation System

Introduced in 1995, Architect® Formulation System is a patented combination of all-milk proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates. An independent research study demonstrated this combination of complex carbohydrates creates an environment in a calf’s gastro-intestinal tract that promotes gut health. This revolutionary calf nutrition technology helps calves reach their full potential like no other product in the history of calf milk replacers.Architect Formulation System was instrumental in the development of Cow’s Match® Calf Growth Formula, introduced in 2001.

Amino Acid Advantage®

This is a highly digestible blend of proteins made from:

  • Primarily milk protein
  • Vegetable protein
  • Functional protein sources
  • Amino acids

Amino Acid Advantage™ debuted in 2008 as the first example of a Formulate to Performance™ approach to calf milk technology. Milk replacers with these technologies are supplemented with a specific amino acid profile matching a 25% all-milk formula, and including a special complex carbohydrate. Independent studies have shown that functional proteins help calves form stronger intestinal barriers, keeping pathogens out of the digestive system and essential nutrients in.

AMPLI-Calf® technology

AMPLI-Calf® Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough for calf starters and features:

  • Proprietary natural palatability enhancer and immune modulation compound
  • Unique source of fiber and prebiotic dietary fiber that helps maintain lower gut health

AMPLI-Calf® Technology delivers on all key producer expectations for calf starters:

  • Superior calf starter intake
  • Optimal structural growth
  • Superior weight gain

You only have one chance to get your calves off to the right start. 25% percent of a dairy calf’s lifetime weight increase and 50% of lifetime height increase occur in the first 6 months of its life.* Confirmed through Land O'Lakes Feed research and more than 160 field trials conducted nationally, calves gain more weight when fed starters containing AMPLI-Calf® Technology**.

*(”More nutrition makes for healthier calves,”Susan Dey, Progressive Dairy, 2010.) **(This is based upon field trials and controlled research conducted at the Land O’Lakes Feed LLC Answer Farm facility between 2007-2009.)

AMPLI-Calf® Jersey Blend Starter -  the first breed-specific calf starter on the market

AMPLI-Calf®Jersey Blend Starter is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional energy needs of Jersey calves.

AMPLI-Calf® Grower - specifically formulated for heifer calves age 12-24 weeks

After a strong start with AMPLI-Calf® Starters, AMPLI-Calf® Grower is designed to continue optimal growth and average daily gain, and to support rumen papillae development – all critical needs for helping a healthy, weaned calf become a dairy cow with more profit potential.