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Today's cattle require rations with greater nutrient density to help them reach their genetic potential for fast and efficient lean muscle growth. SteakMaker® supplements from Land O’Lakes Feed can be tailored to fit the specific demands of your feedlot operation.

The beef consultants at Land O’Lakes Feed use their proprietary Ration Balancer™ Program to help you design a feed program that will optimize the performance and efficiency of your cattle.

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Starter feeds

How cattle eat during their first two to three weeks in the feedlot often determines how they will perform for the rest of the feeding period. Land O’Lakes Feed has developed a variety of products to optimize feed intake and feed efficiency, help support a strong immune system.

Grower and finisher supplements

Land O Lakes® Feed has a full range of grower and finisher feeds with different protein and urea levels to meet your specific needs. Grower feeds work well whether you feed hay, corn silage or a combination. Finisher feeds provide optimal levels of potassium and other minerals to help maintain feed intake. For producers who prefer the convenience and flexibility of liquid supplements, Land O’Lakes Feed offers a complete range of options containing combinations of protein, vitamins and minerals.

For more complete information about feedlot nutrition, check out the Expert Solutions page on this web site, or contact your local cooperative.