Land O’Lakes GREAT STARTS™ Cattle Feeds. More Eatin’, Less Treatin’.

Each feed addresses the goals of getting calves to eat while utilizing your weaning/starting facilities and feed stuffs. Some producers desire a complete feeding program, while others want to utilize their own pastures.

The four programs of GREAT STARTS™

  • Complete Potential Program
    For those who desire a complete, coarse-texturized feed that utilizes our Intake Modifying Technology® Process. More »
  • Complete Fast Start Program
    For those producers who desire a complete, pelleted feed that gets their cattle to the targeted intake levels fast. More »
  • Forager Plus Program
    For producers who have forages to utilize but need a low inclusion supplement and who have a weaning/receiving facility available.  More »
  • Forager Program
    For producers who have excellent forages to utilize but want to give their cattle the added benefits of a mineral program and are looking for convenience in feeding with our tub technology.
    More »

We have a feed for every producer

Every feed is suited for a specific situation. Use the Decision Tree as your guide.  With four different options, you can be confident you are selecting a program that fits your operation’s goals.