Advanced nutrition for your beef herd:
Cow-calf program

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The Land O’Lakes Feed beef cow program provides you with a strong management framework, feed products that are second to none and expertise to meet your beef production and business goals.

Our feed products provide the optimal balance of protein, vitamins, macro minerals and trace minerals to support rumen function, milk production, metabolism and overall health in your beef cows. Every phase of beef production — cow maintenance, heifer growth, lactation and reproduction — is optimized. We aim to give you maximum performance from every animal from day one to the day they leave your operation. Feedlot Vision® Record Keeping Software

RangeLand® Minerals

Macro minerals — such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and salt — and trace minerals — such as manganese, zinc, copper, iron, cobalt and selenium — are critical to animal growth and maintaining proper function of body structures and systems. Deficiencies or dietary imbalances can severely impair cow-calf performance and threaten herd health.

Land O’Lakes Feed range minerals are tailored to fit your operation's seasonal needs and specific soil, water and pasture conditions.

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RangeLand Ration Manager® Feed

Under range conditions, your cow herd faces nutrition demands where limited rumen-available protein can impair efficient forage digestion, and ultimately, herd performance. Land O’Lakes Feed offers a variety of free-choice range supplement products designed to deliver high-quality, balanced nutrition to your entire herd while reducing the costs of time, labor and equipment associated with managing range supplement programs.

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Creep feeds

Creep feeding is an important strategy when calves need an extra boost or when pastures are in poor condition. It maximizes muscle and bone growth in young calves while preventing early fat deposition. When the time is right for creep feeding, Land O’Lakes Feed has the creep feed products you need to meet the nutrition needs of your calves.

For more complete information about mineral nutrition, supplementing cows on pasture or creep feeding calves, check out the Expert Solutions page on this web site, or contact your local cooperative.

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