Add the power of a consulting partner

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Land O’Lakes Feed offers a range of powerful consulting programs to support beef producers and help them remain competitive in the face of today's market challenges. These flexible programs offer services tailored to the needs of individual feedlots or producers.

Add vitality to your operation. Contact your local cooperative handling Land O’Lakes Feed products for complete information on any of these consulting services:

Nutrition consulting
  • Beef ration balancer software
  • Feedstuff analysis
  • Nutrition and ration review
Data consulting
  • Feedlot cost and performance monitoring software
  • Intake analysis
  • Closeout analysis
Management consulting
  • Feedbunk management training
  • Herd health analysis and review
  • Consulting checklists
  • Beef quality assurance certification
Facility consulting
  • Current feedlot analysis
  • Feedlot expansion and new construction
  • Manure management
Cattle marketing consulting
  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing programs
Financial consulting
  • Financial analysis
  • Business planning

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Beef production and marketing programs

Today, efficient beef production goes beyond the front gate. Successful beef producers employ modern genetics and production practices, advanced feed management systems and quality assurance programs to deliver high-value, consumer-driven products.
The primary mission of our farmer-owned cooperative system is to help you add value to your business. To meet that challenge, we've built a coordinated farm-to-table production and marketing system with specialized programs designed to give you a competitive edge.

Feedlot Vision® Record Keeping Software